Bundle Your Insurance

At InsuranceAgency.com, it pays to bundle your coverages together. The more you cover, the more
you save. But it’s not just about saving money—you have the added benefit of having the things
important to you covered in one place.

Sign up for a homeowners policy and a auto policy, and you can save on both. In fact—adding
additional policies, can save you up to 25% in addition to the other discounts you qualify for. Your
eligible savings will depend on the combination of policies you have, so to find out more, be sure and
talk to an InsuranceAgency.com agent when you get your quotes.

The benefits to bundling your policies go well beyond discounts, though. Keeping all of your policies
together can simplify the claims process and eliminate conflicts of coverage between multiple insurers.
For example, let’s say your car is insured by one company and your home is insured by another. What
happens when a less than perfect parking attempt leaves you with a damaged vehicle and a damaged
garage door? Is this an auto claim, or a homeowner’s claim? Avoid the headache by keeping all of your
policies with the same insurance company.

When policies are coordinated together with one of our agents, you not only save—you get a licensed
professional who can assess all of your policies comprehensively to determine if you’ve got the
coverage you need.