Frequently Asked Questions

When buying a home, how do I determine the amount of coverage in my homeowners insurance policy?

At, we run a home assessment report that will give us the proper amount under which to insure your home.

Why Should I have an insurance agent when I buy Insurance?

While offers plenty of information regarding auto insurance, homeowners insurance and other policies, we also know there’s more to finding good coverage than a questionnaire and a insurance quote generator. In order to protect what’s important to you, a …Read More »

What is the difference between Replacement Cost and Market value?

The “replacement cost” is the price to repair or rebuild your home at the current cost for labor and materials. “Market value,” on the other hand, is what you could sell your home for. This includes external factors such as …Read More »

Does my home insurance cover flood?

Your homeowners policy will not cover flood. This is covered under an additional policy, available at

What Liability limits should I have on my homeowners policy?

The amount of personal liability limits you choose depends upon your individual needs. First review your assets, your home, cars, personal belongings and your investments. Ask yourself how much you have to lose in the event of a lawsuit.

How is a deductible applied to my loss payment?

If you have a loss that a deductible applies, it is deducted at the time of the loss payment. For example, if you have a covered loss of $2,500 and your deductible is $500, the payment to you would be …Read More »

Why do you need my Social Security Number when getting insurance quotes?

It is needed to run a report to get quotes. Almost all insurance companies run a pre-qualifying report to determine you insurance premium. They need your social security number to run this report and obtain the best pricing possible. This …Read More »

What happens if a tree falls on my house?

The damage to the house is covered, but the tree removal is only covered up to the limit on your policy. If the tree does not hit your house, another structure, or blocks your driveway–it is not covered.

When my stove breaks down why it isn’t covered by insurance?

Insurance is not a warranty. Many people are under the impression that insurance covers everything, but this is a common misconception. If appliances do not last as long as they should, this is a reliability issue that the manufacturer must …Read More »

Why do I need to fill out an application?

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