Why Should I have an insurance agent when I buy Insurance?

While InsuranceAgency.com offers plenty of information regarding auto insurance, homeowners
insurance and other policies, we also know there’s more to finding good coverage than a questionnaire
and a insurance quote generator. In order to protect what’s important to you, a good policy has to be
there when you need it—and that means asking the right questions. That’s why it’s a good idea to go a
step beyond the automation and talk directly with a licensed agent.

An agent can help gather the information to answer coverage-specific questions like: “What should
the coverage limit on my home be under my homeowners policy?” At the same time, an agent can also
help determine the right coverages based on lifestyle and individual needs and find the best way for
your policies to fit together, answering questions like: “Should I have personal umbrella coverage?”
or “Do I need a valuable articles policy?”

An agent is trained to ask the questions you haven’t thought of regarding your coverage. A good agent
will explain exactly what a policy covers and the limitations of that coverage.

Agents are here to build a policy that’s right for you. Their business is your piece of mind, and their
expertise can help you through the more difficult insurance questions you’ve got.

• An agent will tell you the lowest price is not the most important thing all the time.

• An agent will tell you how to get coverage on things you may not have thought to cover.

• Agents are held accountable for coverage we recommend; that’s why we’re licensed in each

That last part is the most important point. When you talk to an agent, you get insight on coverages that
best suit your needs. From home to auto to valuable articles, your investments are best protected when
you speak with an agent.